Fellowship Groups

The purpose of the Fellowship Groups (FG) is to enhance and encourage fellowship, care, and concern among the members of TPC. 
All of the members of TPC are assigned to FG under the care and oversight of a team of elders and deacons. The oversight and care of the
members of the FG is the primary responsibility of this elder/deacon team. As a general rule all spiritual and physical needs that arise in the
lives of the members of TPC will be addressed within this context first. Plans are to be made by the elder/deacon team to contact all of the
members of the FG on a monthly basis in order to “know the sheep” on a personal level and in order to be able to address needs as they arise.

The list of Fellowship Groups can be found here.

FGs also are a place for the promotion of ministry projects. Each year the elder/deacon team will plan a mercy ministry event and an evangelistic outreach event to be carried out by the FG. In addition to outreach ministries, FGs could also provide opportunities to share Christian life experiences with one another, and times of mutual instruction and edification. In addition to the TPC Sunday School classes, the FG structure is way in which ministry to the congregation at TPC can be pursued. The following are examples of how this may be developed:

  •          If someone is sick, has a baby, is disabled, etc. the deacons of the FG of which he or she is a member should seek to mobilize the members of the FG to which the member in need is assigned, in order to seek to minister to him or her.
  •          If someone is addressing trials and/or hardships in life (marriage problems, job loss, etc.) and is in need of counseling, the elders of the FG of which he or she is a member should first seek to provide them counseling, and then, if need be, consult with the pastors for additional assistance.
  •          The Elder-Deacon team should seek to establish a weekly prayer meeting for the men and for the women of their FG
  •          The Elder-Deacon team should seek to assess the gifts of the men and women in their FG and mobilize them for service at TPC in keeping with their gifts.  Attention should be given to leadership development among the membership of the FG, especially with an eye to men who may serve as elders or deacons at TPC.