Sunday School at Trinity

At Trinity Presbyterian Church, we believe that Christian Education does not just start and end with Sunday School, but involves everything we do to better understand God and His will for our lives. It includes everything from daily devotional times to occasional seminars and courses we may offer. Education is not the sum total of our Christian lives, which must also know the joys of faithful prayer, hope-filled worship, and loving fellowship, but it is a critical part of our discipleship. 

We also recognize that we are all at different places in our spiritual lives and need special instruction according to age, knowledge, and interests. For that reason, we offer an Education Hour between morning services that include classes for adults and children based on age range. Scroll down to find out more!

Children & Youth Sunday School Classes

  • Teachers: Sally Bray & Regina Dowdell

    This fun class is designed with little ones in mind! They begin with a little play time, followed by a Bible story and songs just for their age group. 

  • Teachers: Anna & Cameron Durden

    Using the "Show Me Jesus" curriculum by Great Commissions Publications, the children in this class learn that God calls his people to himself and wants them to trust and follow him. Each quarter they explore a part of the Bible from creation to the early church with creative activities that reinforce the lessons and engage their imaginations!

    Spring Quarter: Jesus is the Savior

    Summer: God Keeps His Promises

    Fall: God Created All Things

    Winter: Jesus is God's Son

  • Teacher: Eric Gray

    We teach this age group using the "Show Me Jesus" curriculum by Great Commissions Publications, which focuses on helping children delight in Jesus and incorporate Bible truths into their lives. At this stage in their lives, children are growing in their ability to reason and discover, and they are taught in a way that encourages that through interactive learning.

    Spring Quarter: Telling Others

    Summer Quarter: Trusting God

    Fall Quarter: Worshiping God

    Winter Quarter: Listening to Jesus

  • Teacher: Ben Gilbreth

    In this class, students study the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in a systematic way using the curriculum "Investigating God's Word... From 'In the Beginning', to 'Amen.'"

  • Teacher: John Daniel Brannen

    Using the book "Surviving Religion 101," this class encourages young students to engage secular challenges with intellectual honesty, compassion and confidence. Written in the form of a letter to his college-age daughter, Michael Kruger's book takes a topical approach to examining some of the toughest questions Christian students encounter at secular schools. This is the perfect class to prepare for high school or college.

Education hour for adults

At Trinity, our Adult Sunday School classes are organized around common life experience. One of the ways in which we are encouraged to grow in our relationship with the Lord is by sharing life-experiences with brothers and sisters in Christ. Presently, there are three adult classes available: one for adults 60 years of age and above, one for adults from 50-60 years of age, and one for adults 40 years of age and younger.  Others classes will be formed as needed.  Since these classes meet weekly on Sunday mornings, close relationships can be established. These classes study books of the Bible, Christians doctrines, books that focus on the acquisition of practical life skills as believers, etc.  From time to time all of the adult classes will meet together to study a subject of common interest. Learning and growing as believers is enhanced as we pursue our relationship with Christ in the contest of Christian community.

Teacher: Andrew Sears

Hosts: Damien & Heather Scott

Book: "When Grace Transforms" by Terry Johnson

Location: Young Adult Classroom